Salt Body Bars

Salt is an ancient source of healing and has been used throughout time in many cultures to enhance well-being and higher vibrational energy.

This Salt Body Bar  is a vibrational body bar that can help heighten the energy around you. It is a unique way to cleanse your whole body and can create a feeling of relaxation and calmness within self.

HAND MADE using a combination of botanical & all natural oils and salts (including Himalayan salt), it helps with the removal of the residual negative energy that can attach to you on a daily basis.

It can be used on your body and hair, if desired.

  • It can help with your (Auric) energy field 
  • It can help with creating a positive vibration around you
  • It can create a feeling of enhanced well-being.

Salt Bar

Halo Bath Salts

Our Halo Bath Salts are a wonderful mix of Rock & Fine Pink Himalayan Salt together with a combination of essential oils.

Add to your bath tub while you enjoy some quiet time or add to a nice warm foot soak.  You'll be sure to enjoy...

Also suitable to children's baths.


Halo Holistic Mist ​​

This ALL NATURAL spray has been specially created to help you feel fresh and energized. 

Our Halo Mist spray is made with a combination of  high quality Colloidal Gold & Silver, essential oils, salts (including Pink Himalayan salt), botanicals and herbs, as well as crystals (for vibrational purposes).

  • It can help with your (Auric) energy field 
  • It can help to cleanse negative energy around you & in your home/office space
  • It can help with creating a positive vibration around you & in your home/office space
  • It can create a feeling of enhanced well-being

Halo Mist Size options

Colloidal Gold & Silver

A colloid  is a liquid in which electrically charged particles, in their smallest microscopic form, are held in suspension (usually in water). The particles do not settle at the bottom but remain dispersed throughout the liquid.

Gold and Silver as colloids, kill over 650 disease causing organisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi & parasites, all in a matter of minutes, upon direct contact.

Colloidal Silver is a powerful natural antibiotic, antivirus & antifungal. Prior to the introduction of modern antibiotics, colloidal silver was used as a germicide and disinfectant.
Today, silver is still used in many hospitals as a wound dressing, particularly for burns, and prior to surgical grafting of skin.

Colloidal Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory that assists in alleviating pain & swelling among those with arthritis and tendonitis. 

Colloidal Gold has a balancing and harmonizing effect on all levels of body, mind & spirit. It is used to improve mental attitude, emotional states, energy, libido and hot flushes. 

Colloidal Gold & Silver can be added to drinking water (please see label for suggested serving) on a daily basis or apllied direct to your skin.

If sprayed directly on your skin, Colloidal Gold & Silver can assist with the treatment of: acne, echzma, wind burn, cuts and various other skin conditions.
* Time2Awaken takes no responsibility for the misuse of this product *  


Halo Band 

This beautifull HAND MADE wrist band contains a combination of essential oils and salts (including Pink Himalayan Salt), as well as Purple Amethyst Crystals (for vibrational purposes).

The Halo Band  has been created to help you feel fresh & energized. It can be worn by adults & children, either on your wrist or placed under you pillow/bed.

  • It can help with your (Auric) energy field
  • It can help with creating a positive vibration around you
  • It can create a feeling of enhanced well-being.

Halo Band

Crystal Energy Bracelet

These crystals have been hand-picked, for their various benefits, in order to create a unique energy that can assist you with balancing your chakras & your dream time.

Our Crystal Energy Bracelets consist of a combination of: Tuorquonite, Rose Quartz, Haematite, Red Garnet, Lepidolite, Blue Calcite, Jade, Magnetite & Amethyst.

Tuorquonite: Balances & evens out mood fluctuations and brings inner peace (Blue Crystal - looks like turquoise)

Rose Quartz: A stone of the heart (Unconditional Love), it carries a soft feminine energy of compassion & peace, tenderness & healing, nourishment & comfort (Pink Crystal)

Haematite: Most commonly used used to ground/stabilise & for protection. In spiritual work, it is an excellent stone to help keep you connected to the Earth plane.

Red Garnet: A stone of regeneration & energising. Said to be stabilising, it can bring order to internal/external chaos (brown crystal)

Lepidolite: A soothing/calming stone that will help if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. Excellent for stress relief, as it contains Lithium. Lepidolite brisng emotional healing and helps you to get deeper into meditation (Yellow Crystal)

Blue Calcite: Helpful mentally, this stone is helpful with phobias and restores mental & emotional equilibrium. It can help relieve emotional fear, mental breakdown, depression & suicidal thoughts.

Amethyst: A meditative & calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual & physical planes to premote calm, balance & peace. Emotionally, Amethyst is used in crystal healing to help heal personal loses and grief (Purple Crystal)

Jadea symbol of purity and serenity, it signifies wisdom that is gathered in tranquillity. It is associated with the heart chakra and increases love and nurturing.
It is a protective stone, which will keep the wearer from harm and brings harmony into your life. Jade promotes self-sufficiency, releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind. It stimulates ideas and makes tasks seem less complex so they can be acted upon and helps to release unhelpful emotions especially irritation (Green Crystal)

Magnetite: Has a deep, positive vibration with a magnetic attraction to help bring, in to your life, what you most want. A strong stone for spiritual grounding & psychic protection, it is best used when kept on your body (Silver Magnetic Crystal)

INSTRUCTIONS: Wear in your home space, especially in the first few weeks. This bracelet has a magnetic clasp and will adjust to your energy. If your energy frequency lowers at a rapid rate, the bracelet has been known to fall off.


Salt Lamps 

Salt Lamps are fantastic for improving the air quality in your home and aid in relieving symptoms of breathing difficulties and numerous health concerns.

They release negative ions that help create a positive energy in any home or office.

They also look great.

Salt Lamp

Selenite Crystal Heart

Selenite is believed to bring peace and calm and is an excellent crystal for meditation.

Holding a piece in the hand is said to help drain any negative energy from the body, while a large piece of placed in the home is said to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.

Selenite is an extremely high vibrating crystal and will assist you in opening your crown chakra. It can also assist in connecting with your spirit guides and angels.

Another wonderful property of Selenite is that it never needs cleansingand has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies.

It should never be immersed in or cleansed with water.


White Sage​​

White Sage can be used for clearing negative energy from your enviroment. 


Super Hit Incence Cones

These amazing HAND ROLLED incense cones are a wonderful combination of Frangipani & Sandlewood.

Once you experience this wonderfull scent that can fill your house, you will wonder why you didn't find these gems earlier.